Turnkey offers premarketing and loss mitigation valuation services through its network of experienced real estate professionals and certified appraisers to help you accurately appraise your assets with confidence.

Once you assign a property to us we ensure that the property is properly secured and presevation is code compliant. We also follow up to ensure that any vacant property registration requirements are met. Turnkey provides property preservation and code compliance services only on properties referred to Turnkey for marketing. Turnkey does not currently offer property preservation as a standalone service.

Once listed, we closely follow the marketing progress and work diligently with the agent to identify any obstacles and to provide feedback on any marketing challenges. Turnkey obtains regular updates from our agents and will customize information reporting to your needs. We monitor and inform you of any local market changes and issues affecting your asset.



  • Broker Assignment
  • Occupancy Checks
  • Cash for Keys
  • Eviction Coordination
  • Securing and Rekeying
  • Initial Services
  • Property Condition Reports
Property Valuation

Property Valuation

  • Broker Price Opinion
  • Appraisals
Property Disposition

Property Disposition

  • Marketing Plan
  • Proactive Broker Mgmt to insure effective marketing
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Vandalism Reports
  • Ongoing Property Inspections
  • Updated BPO's
  • Inspection coordination
  • Obtain municipality required inspections
Offer Management

Offer Management

  • Offer Evaluation
  • Offer Presentation
  • Offer Approval
  • Offer Tracking
  • Offer approval per client guidelines
  • Contract review and approval

Closing Title

  • Title Procurement
  • Title Resolution
  • Closing assignment and coordination
  • Review and approval of all closing docs per client guidelines
  • Wire Confirmation
  • Documention Preparation and Review

Turnkey has the flexibility to tailor our program to meet the needs of each individual client. We realize that one size really does not fit all.

We will streamline the communication process with your internal asset manager by providing one point of contact regardless of how many properties are in inventory. Turnkey provides continuity in our workflow that our clients find to be very beneficial in improving efficiency.

We motivate our agents to not only list your property, but aggressively market it. Our average days on the market and sales price to list price consistently out perform the industry average. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss how we can meet your asset management needs.